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for the first time in literally a million years i am having a great body image day and its one of the few days i caught myself in the mirror and thought “im……..cute?????????????”

christ what a welcome change from keeping a blanket over the mirror. i think ive basically hit my ideal body type, now i just want to grow my hair out to shoulder length+not as layered again!!! then i will be hot babe who aint afraid to finally go out there and touch a butt or something

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July 14, 2013

1 year ago

  1. elshiki reblogged this from boosmygod and added:
    artist Bea Smygod becoming a cutecute is in the heart, like groove
  2. faunafauna said: you are super cute!!
  3. ferrousfellow said: god i hate tumblr app. can’t tell if you got my last response. tl;dr always thought you were pretty in pictures. had privilege to confirm it some years ago in person. SO GLAD you’re able to see something beautiful in yourself. You really are gorgeous.
  4. raisehelia said: super cute!
  5. anonimoth said: IT IS AN AMAZING FEEL
  6. spicednuts said: Touch the butt, yo! You’re a lil cutie pie!

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